Episode 15: A Conversation With Dr. Molly Millwood About the Challenges Between Motherhood and Marriage


Dr. Molly Millwood is a clinical psychologist with advanced specialized training in marital therapy and intimate relationships. After completing a post-doctoral clinical fellowship at Stanford University, she now teaches psychology at Saint Michael's College in Vermont. She’s also the author of the recent book, To Have and to Hold, which explores the modern dilemma between motherhood and marriage. In this interview, Molly and Sarah talk about the interplay between the two and the challenges that often arise once couples start having children. 

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Episode 14: A Conversation With Attorney Gabrielle Hartley About Reducing Shame Around Divorce

Gabrielle Hartley is a transformative wellness coach, divorce mediator, attorney, speaker and author of the book, Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate. She is working to end the shame and stigma surrounding divorce and is known for her unique, non-toxic approach that she has developed over two decades in practice.

In this interview, Gabrielle and Sarah talk about the inspiration for writing a book about separation and divorce, strategies for parting couples who want to bring a more peaceful dynamic to divorce, and some real-life tips for dealing with all the range of emotions that come with leaving a long-term relationship.


Episode 13: A Conversation with Author Jerrelle Guy About Social Media and Taking Time for Self-Care


Jerrelle Guy published her first cookbook, Black Girl Baking, just as she was graduating with a Masters degree in Gastronomy from Boston University in the spring of 2018. The cookbook went on to win the praise of industry leaders like Carla Hall, in addition to Bon Appetit, Forbes, Food52, and The Kitchn, as well as being named a top cookbook by Eater.


Jerrelle shares her beautiful food photography and thoughtful musings on her blog and Instagram handle, @chocolateforbasil. In this interview, Jerrelle and I talk about her relationship with social media and the importance of being true to self in a world that’s moving so fast.


Episode 12: A Conversation with Katey Yurko About Whether You Should Be Friends with An Ex on Social Media

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In Episode 12 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Katey Yurko, the Founder of the popular lifestyle and beauty blog, Violet Fog, that started in the Bay Area and has since expanded to having a loyal following all over the world. Katey recently moved to Austin, Texas, to live with her boyfriend, who she met last year.

In this episode, I talk to Katey about whether you should be friends with an ex on social media, how past relationships have made her a better partner, and why she believes in tapping into the power of love languages to help better understand her partner’s needs as well as her own.

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For Further Reading:

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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Episode 11: A Conversation with Blogger, Author & Podcast Host Lily Diamond About the Power of Female Bonding

In Episode 11 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Lily Diamond, blogger, author of the cookbook, Kale & Caramel, and podcast co-host of What’s Your Story? In the conversation, Lily opens up about the unique bond she had with her late mother, why deep connections with women are so fundamental to her, and how leaning into grief is what allows us to overcome it in the end.

Head here to get Lily’s book, Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table.

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Episode 10: A (2nd) Conversation with Alex Steed About Dating Apps, Therapy, and the Importance of Transparency in Romantic Relationships


In Episode 10 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Owner and Director of Production at the film company, the Knack Factory, for a second time.

Now having been divorced for a year, Alex shares some different insights from the previous conversation, and delves deeper into how valuable therapy has been for improving self-reflection and analysis and why he believes open, authentic communication might just be the secret ingredient in successful, long-term relationships.

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Episode 9: A Conversation with Executive Coach Minji Wong About How to Become Your Best Self in the Workplace — and Beyond


In Episode 9 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Minji Wong, an Executive Coach and the founder of At Her Best, a practice dedicated to empowering leaders to thrive in their careers. Minji has 13 years of Fortune 500 experience including working in organizational development at Facebook, eBay, and Walmart, empowering leaders to realize their full potential.


Listen on as Minji and Sarah talk about how to recognize and manage emotions in the workplace and beyond, how to communicate more effectively with others, and Minji’s most powerful career advice for work-life balance.

Episode 8: A Conversation with Mark Fujiwara About Finding Love Again After Divorce

Mark Fujiwara.jpg

In the 8th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Mark Fujiwara about his experiences dating as a post-divorced dad, why he believes everyone should have a "list", how being in a Nice Guys Club helped him lean into the support of other men post-divorce, and what led him to true love the second time around.

Episode 7: A Conversation About Polyamory with Sharron Wood

Sharron on the right, with husband David in the middle, and Joanna on the left.

In the 7th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Sharron Wood, who opens up about her experience being in a polyamorous relationship, She also shares her thoughts on jealousy, what dating other people is like, and the wide variety of arrangements there are in the poly community.

For further reading, check out the following:

The Kinsey Institute

The Ethical Slut, A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures

Episode 6: A Conversation with Andrew Greenstein About Growing Up with 3 Moms

Andrew Greenstein.png

In the 6th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Andrew Greenstein, CEO of SF AppWorks, a digital agency based in San Francisco. But instead of talking about work, Andrew opens up about his unique family — comprised of three moms, a father, a brother, and four half-siblings, and the depth of love and loyalty they have for each other. 

Andrew's story is an inspiring one, reminding us that the bond of family is greater than almost any bond out there. Listen on as Andrew shares what the family "council" means, why rides to the airport are so symbolic, and how once you're in the Greensteins' embrace you can never really leave. 

Episode 5: A Conversation with Career Contessa Founder Lauren McGoodwin about Finding Your Voice at Work

Lauren McGoodwin.jpg

In the 5th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Lauren McGoodwin, Founder & CEO of Career Contessa, a website and community that helps women build successful careers. Lauren founded Career Contessa in 2013 after recognizing that there was a gap in career development resources for women.

She has provided career advice to Refinery29, Forbes, Huffington Post, LifeHacker, CNBC, POPSUGAR, TodayShow.com, and more. She has also provided career workshops to Women@Disney, NYU Stern, Jig + Saw, UCLA, among others.

The episode takes a deeper dive into the challenges facing women, how we can support other women, and how women can find their true voice in the workplace.

Episode 4: A Conversation with Alex Steed About What Post-Divorce Life is Like at Age 35

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In this 4th episode, Sarah Woehler talks to Alex Steed, Owner of Knack Factory, about what he's learning about himself as the result of his recent divorce and what dating is like in the age of Tinder and Bumble. Alex opens about his attachment style, why marriage might be a flawed concept, and how he's learning more about himself through meeting other people. 

For further exploration, check out the following that Alex mentions in the episode:



Episode 3: A Conversation with SoulCycle Instructor Lauren McHale About the Power of Community

Lauren McHale_SoulCycle.png

In this third episode, Sarah Woehler sat down with SoulCycle instructor Lauren McHale — who opened the first-ever Bay Area franchise — to talk about the power of community in the popular spin class and the secret behind bringing that soulful inspiration to riders.

She also shares the complex relationship she had with her mother growing up, and how she found refuge in team sports, which ultimately paved the way for her to lead fitness classes as an adult.