Episode 5: A Conversation with Career Contessa Founder Lauren McGoodwin about Finding Your Voice at Work

Lauren McGoodwin.jpg

In the 5th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Lauren McGoodwin, Founder & CEO of Career Contessa, a website and community that helps women build successful careers. Lauren founded Career Contessa in 2013 after recognizing that there was a gap in career development resources for women.

She has provided career advice to Refinery29, Forbes, Huffington Post, LifeHacker, CNBC, POPSUGAR, TodayShow.com, and more. She has also provided career workshops to Women@Disney, NYU Stern, Jig + Saw, UCLA, among others.

The episode takes a deeper dive into the challenges facing women, how we can support other women, and how women can find their true voice in the workplace.