Episode 13: A Conversation with Author Jerrelle Guy About Social Media and Taking Time for Self-Care


Jerrelle Guy published her first cookbook, Black Girl Baking, just as she was graduating with a Masters degree in Gastronomy from Boston University in the spring of 2018. The cookbook went on to win the praise of industry leaders like Carla Hall, in addition to Bon Appetit, Forbes, Food52, and The Kitchn, as well as being named a top cookbook by Eater.


Jerrelle shares her beautiful food photography and thoughtful musings on her blog and Instagram handle, @chocolateforbasil. In this interview, Jerrelle and I talk about her relationship with social media and the importance of being true to self in a world that’s moving so fast.


Episode 9: A Conversation with Executive Coach Minji Wong About How to Become Your Best Self in the Workplace — and Beyond


In Episode 9 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Minji Wong, an Executive Coach and the founder of At Her Best, a practice dedicated to empowering leaders to thrive in their careers. Minji has 13 years of Fortune 500 experience including working in organizational development at Facebook, eBay, and Walmart, empowering leaders to realize their full potential.


Listen on as Minji and Sarah talk about how to recognize and manage emotions in the workplace and beyond, how to communicate more effectively with others, and Minji’s most powerful career advice for work-life balance.

Episode 3: A Conversation with SoulCycle Instructor Lauren McHale About the Power of Community

Lauren McHale_SoulCycle.png

In this third episode, Sarah Woehler sat down with SoulCycle instructor Lauren McHale — who opened the first-ever Bay Area franchise — to talk about the power of community in the popular spin class and the secret behind bringing that soulful inspiration to riders.

She also shares the complex relationship she had with her mother growing up, and how she found refuge in team sports, which ultimately paved the way for her to lead fitness classes as an adult.