Episode 11: A Conversation with Blogger, Author & Podcast Host Lily Diamond About the Power of Female Bonding

In Episode 11 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Lily Diamond, blogger, author of the cookbook, Kale & Caramel, and podcast co-host of What’s Your Story? In the conversation, Lily opens up about the unique bond she had with her late mother, why deep connections with women are so fundamental to her, and how leaning into grief is what allows us to overcome it in the end.

Head here to get Lily’s book, Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table.

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Episode 6: A Conversation with Andrew Greenstein About Growing Up with 3 Moms

Andrew Greenstein.png

In the 6th episode of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Andrew Greenstein, CEO of SF AppWorks, a digital agency based in San Francisco. But instead of talking about work, Andrew opens up about his unique family — comprised of three moms, a father, a brother, and four half-siblings, and the depth of love and loyalty they have for each other. 

Andrew's story is an inspiring one, reminding us that the bond of family is greater than almost any bond out there. Listen on as Andrew shares what the family "council" means, why rides to the airport are so symbolic, and how once you're in the Greensteins' embrace you can never really leave.