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Episode 13: A Conversation with Author Jerrelle Guy About Social Media and Taking Time for Self-Care


Jerrelle Guy published her first cookbook, Black Girl Baking, just as she was graduating with a Masters degree in Gastronomy from Boston University in the spring of 2018. The cookbook went on to win the praise of industry leaders like Carla Hall, in addition to Bon Appetit, Forbes, Food52, and The Kitchn, as well as being named a top cookbook by Eater.


Jerrelle shares her beautiful food photography and thoughtful musings on her blog and Instagram handle, @chocolateforbasil. In this interview, Jerrelle and I talk about her relationship with social media and the importance of being true to self in a world that’s moving so fast.


Episode 12: A Conversation with Katey Yurko About Whether You Should Be Friends with An Ex on Social Media

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In Episode 12 of Interrelate, Sarah Woehler talks to Katey Yurko, the Founder of the popular lifestyle and beauty blog, Violet Fog, that started in the Bay Area and has since expanded to having a loyal following all over the world. Katey recently moved to Austin, Texas, to live with her boyfriend, who she met last year.

In this episode, I talk to Katey about whether you should be friends with an ex on social media, how past relationships have made her a better partner, and why she believes in tapping into the power of love languages to help better understand her partner’s needs as well as her own.

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